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Meet your newest BBQ obsession.

What began as a casual interest in competing at BBQ competitions swiftly evolved into a fervent dedication to the craft. 


The camaraderie we've built with fellow enthusiasts is truly special. But the best reward by far comes from hearing our customers' genuine appreciation for our smoked culinary creations. Compliments such as “This was the best BBQ I’ve ever tasted” and “You've set the bar so high, I can't enjoy any other BBQ" fuel our passion and keep us hungry for more.

Sean & Darci Conway

We're the husband and wife team behind WestNash Barbeque Co.

Sean grew up on the west side of Nashville, TN, and recognized the absence of authentic BBQ representation close to home. WestNash Barbeque Co. was founded in response to that need. His journey to obtain his certification as a Kansas City BBQ Society judge opened his eyes to the intricate detail judges look for and what customers ultimately want out of every bite. As the main pit master, Sean revels in crafting fire and dedicating hours to perfecting the meat. His ultimate aim? Delivering the quintessential bite with every serving.

As the team's COO, Darci manages financial matters, coordinates delivery logistics, and maintains operational efficiency. Additionally, she oversees the creation of all our delectable sides and desserts. During catering occasions, Darci handles table decorations, supervises the kitchen, and ensure a seamless flow events. 


What Sets Us Apart

High Standards

Whenever we fire up the smoker, our mission is clear: to craft BBQ so top-notch, it's basically the Garth Brooks of the culinary world – high-quality, irresistibly succulent, and leaving everyone wondering, "Can I get an encore?"

Family Operated

We're the real deal, born and bred in Nashville like a true country song. We care about this community because we're here to stay.

Detail Obsessed

The amount of attention and love poured into our product is immediately noticeable. One bite, and you'll be singing our praises louder than a cowboy at karaoke night.

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